Help Lyrica Classic's mission in discovering new and unknown music and other performing art forms!

Receive valuable experience working with a nonprofit art organization producing live and virtual music productions.

We welcome volunteers located in the US and other countries (if the work can be done remotely). Some jobs require US law knowledge or presence in person in the DC metropolitan area. We interview potential candidates beforehand, so please send us your CV and a cover letter with the desired job title in the subject line to


Unfortunately, we are not able to offer financial support to our volunteers. But we offer a volunteer certificate confirming their work for a nonprofit organization with a job title after completing the set tasks during a minimum required working time. We also can provide you with a recommendation letter for your paid-job application.

Volunteering openings are listed below:

Arts Administrative Assistant

Minimum commitment: 6 months

  • Part time, in person, 20 hours in total;
  • Be able to drive;
  • Communication skilles.
  • Assist in marketing and ticket sales for our upcoming music production in Tacoma Park: calling the schools, universities, and retirement centers and distributing physical flyers and posters in the Silver Spring area.
  • Assist during two-three live rehearsals in the last two weeks of September (exact dates will be scheduled later): coordinate the artists, track the timing, and ensure everyone is in their place on time and ready.
  • Working directly with the Artistic Director and handling small tasks during the production period.
  • Be available for the whole day of October 2 to assist at the dress rehearsal and concert in Sligo Church, Tacoma Park, MD.
  • Be enthusiastic, polite, and quick. 

Music Lawyer

Minimum commitment: one year

  • Part time, remote, 2-3 hours per month;
  • Education in law, law students are welcome as well.

Deals with legal issues surrounding the music industry. Must be trained to handle legal issues, like contract management and copyright. 

Be able to assist and answer the following questions:

  • What agreements do we need with the artists and composers for recording and broadcasting?
  • How do we deal with royalties and ASCAP if we work with composers directly and rework some compositions together?

Videographer / photographer 

Minimum commitment: one event

  • Part time, in person and remote, about 15 hours per project;
  • Some experience;
  • Have some professional equipment and be able to work with cameras as GoPro, Sony, Iphone.

Shooting the rehearsals, concerts, and other live events produced by Lyrica Classic for the marketing purpose in the DC area:

  • Making photos of our artists for the posters;
  • Make the video and photos of our live concerts (in the DC metropolitan area) and assist in editing;
  • Must be available on October 2, 2022, for the whole day to shoot (or assist) dress rehearsal and the concert in Tacoma Park, MD.

Marketing Manager

Minimum commitment: 6 months

  • Part time, remote, 2-3 hours per week
  • Education or experience in marketing or sales

Responsible for the company's marketing and communications strategies for our upcoming live and virtual productions in the DC area.

They will prepare monthly marketing plans, work on how to attract more customers to the company's events, and raise brand awareness through the creation of marketing campaigns. The manager will also analyze the types of customers that a company wants and how to attract them and will figure out ways for the company to better serve the customers they already have. They also ensure that the company sees a good return on any money that is invested in marketing activities.


  • Plan and execute a marketing strategy for the organization and for new and existing products or services;
  • Oversee the implementation of the marketing strategy;
  • Develop a brand strategy;
  • Report on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns;
  • Identify new business opportunities and collaborations;
  • Conduct market research studies;
  • Negotiate with media agencies and assist in ticket sales marketing;
  • Know or learn how to manage GoogleAds.

Copywriter /editor 

Minimum commitment: 3 months


  • Education or experience in copywriting;
  • Excellent knowledge of English and grammar;
  • Part-time, remote with a commitment of 1-3 hours per month.
  • Responsible for the company's editing/copywriting marketing, grants, newsletters, and any other writing materials;
  • Proofread and edit Lyrica's websites information;
  • It can be combined with the Marketing Manager or Art Administrative Assistant role.

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