Quality performances give birth to quality art!

Lyrica Classic envisions a society that helps the world to discover a quality of new or unknown music by bringing it to famous stages and making high-quality productions using first-caliber artists, giving access to the unique social, emotional, and intellectual benefits achieved through musical excellence and high production quality.

We believe that only through quality performance can life be given to quality art! And through quality, we can attract new generations and bring them the love for classical music!


Always Striving For Excellence

The mission of Lyrica Classic is to help undiscovered music to achieve the recognition it deserves, and to allow the public to evaluate the music in full, hearing the works

as the composer intended. Real artist, as well as good music, need its stage and use.

It would only be fair to mention that many musical works are not appreciated because the composers do not have adequate funding to bring their music to life, or their music was previously performed poorly and the first impression was irrevocably ruined.

Let us recall the well-known example, Rachmaninoff’s First Symphony, which is known today as one of the most beautiful and soul-touching musical works, even to an inexperienced listener. However, how many people know the first production of the symphony was performed poorly; the music was spoiled—it was a catastrophe! The critics screamed in indignation that it was impossible to perform such a terrible piece. The composer subsequently became depressed and did not write for three years! Imagine how much the world has lost. We could have had one more collection of his art songs, a couple of concertos or symphonies, if not for this ugly performance of his First Symphony, which is now known to the whole world.

The example of Rachmaninoff demonstrates the importance of quality production of new or unknown music. That is why we believe that Lyrica’s mission is so essential to humanity, the music community, and future generations. We bring justice to the composers, justice to the music, and justice to the world!


Meet The Team

Our team carries out an honorable mission – building bridges between countries through cooperation in music, discovering new names, and previously unknown music.

Yulia Petrachuk

President & Artistic Director

Carlo Mahfouz

Treasurer & CIO/CSO & Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer

Rachel Kozy

Board Member

Anshul Goyal


Kelly McGovern

Copywriter & Editor

Ismenia Diego


Christian Mahfouz

Web & Application

Developer Assistant

Fendi Abou Hassan

Application Developer


Provide, nurture, cultivate, embody and work hard!

Provide Opportunity

Access to the benefits of performing opportunities at top concert venues, regardless of socioeconomic status or recognition in the music world.

Nurture Creativity

Our innovative team is always looking for contemporary solutions to attract new auditoriums and to make our members' experience easy, fun, and exciting.

Cultivate Excellent

We create unforgettable memories for sophisticated tastes.

Embody Community

We are always are looking forward to enriching communities via local chamber events.

Work Hard

We are always looking for new projects and discovering new talents around the world.

Ms. Petrachuk studied at Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory and is a graduate of Bern Opera Studio in Bern, Switzerland. Her debut as a professional opera singer was with the State Theater Bern, Switzerland, in 2010. After that, she performed with many other recognized opera companies and concert venues, such as Theater Biel (Switzerland), Ash Lawn Opera Festival (US), Opera Ischia (Italy), Dicapo Opera Theater in New York (US), Great Moscow Hall (Russia), Vocal Productions NYC (US), Nova and Opera Camerata in Washington, D.C (US), Smetana Hall in Prague (Czech Republic), Carnegie Hall in New York (US), Musikverein and Wiener Konzerthaus in Vienna (Austria), and many others.Yulia specializes in contemporary opera and other forms of vocal music of the 20th & 21st centuries. She has performed many World and US premieres.

Through her teaching studio, Ms. Petrachuk instills the love for classical music to new generations. Yulia has robust experience in international performing arts projects, execution, and collaborations in the US and EU. Out of her passion and drive to sustain and give lesser-known and  unknown music a voice, Yulia Petrachuk founded Lyrica Classic Entertainment as a sounding beacon to deliver superior-level presentation of music.

Carlo Mahfouz is a seasoned operations specialist with vast experience in technology and digital media. Mr. Mahfouz has an executive MBA from Georgetown University and over a decade of digital media and strategy experience.

Mr. Mahfouz has worked in healthcare Ed-tech for a decade, where he has managed and implemented innovative products and services. In addition to Lyrica Classic, Mr. Mahfouz is Director of Platform Technology at Laerdal Medical, where he provides alignment, execution, communication and change management for Laerdal Medical's product platform strategic portfolio. An amateur opera singer and classical guitar artist, Mr. Mahfouz has a passion and drive for the classical arts.

Rachel served the US Navy as a Healthcare Administrator specializing in Medical Logistics from 2012-2017. She received her B.S. in Business Logistics from Pennsylvania State University, a M.S. in Exercise Physiology from the Citadel, a M.P.H. from Johns Hopkins University, and a Ph.D. (ABD) in Bioenergetics from East Carolina University. Rachel is currently the class president for her Executive MBA programs at UCLA, a Veterans in Global Leadership and Focus Forward fellow, and an Aspen Institute Socrates Scholar.

She is passionate about social impact, and in her free time she provides pro bono consulting to Stage 6, a social impact franchise accelerator working to address the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. She is the founder of the Empowered Women Brunch, which connects and inspires individuals who are investing in enhancing their personal and professional lives. Additionally, Rachel volunteers with Veterans and American Corporate Partners to provide one-on-one mentoring and guidance to military members who are either transitioning or struggling to find meaningful work.

She also serves on the Board of Directors for Lyrica Classic, a global non-profit that allows undiscovered music to find the recognition it deserves. Rachel has spent the past 20 years studying human physiology, cognitive neuroscience, bioenergetics, and the mind-body connection. She is currently working on a new business venture to connect people with resources to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Anshul Goyal joined Lyrica Classic Entertainment as an accountant and is excited to help raise additional resources for its essential work. Anshul lives in India, Haryana State (Northern India). Mr. Goyal is a Licensed Chartered Accountant, has passed US CPA, and is currently working as a Partner in the core domain of Global Tax in Public Accounting firm in India.

Anshul is passionate about helping businesses with Tax Compliances around the world. "I like helping nonprofits with my professional services, which I really enjoy doing, and I believe in building long-term relationships with these nonprofit organizations." Anshul plays musical instruments such as the harmonium and mridangam (a traditional Indian classical instrument), and likes to sing Indian Classical music.

Kelly joined Lyrica Classic as a copy editor in early 2021. She started playing piano at five years old and continued through college. Lyrica Classic's mission speaks to her life-long interest in classical music — she is happy to support an organization dedicated to bolstering lesser-known musicians. Based in NY, Kelly holds a PhD from Fordham University and has taught psychology for over fifteen years. In addition, she copy edits for various local small businesses and nonprofit organizations. 

Ismenia Diego is a copywriter and blogger for Lyrica Classic Entertainment, a non profit organization that strives to give undiscovered musicians the opportunity to showcase their music.

Having started writing professionally as a member of the Brooklyn College newsletter team, she has developed the passion and skill for writing.

She is currently working towards receiving her bachelor's degree in English and aspires to work full-time as a copywriter post-graduation.