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As a global 501c3 nonprofit music organization specializing in classical music and other forms of performing arts, we are committed to facilitating high-quality experiences and events in theaters and venues in North America, Europe, and other world stages. Focusing on less well-known and contemporary music, we engage only top-caliber talents to deliver superior-level results and presentation of the music.

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III International American Music Festival has ended its season

In every struggle arises an opportunity to bring people together to a new world that strikes and captivates the souls at just the right moment. The international festival of contemporary American classical music, “Spread New Music to the World,” organized by American nonprofit music organization Lyrica Classic Entertainment, and envisioned by its artistic director and internationally acclaimed operatic soprano Yulia Petrachuk, delivered just that – a cultural contribution amid tumulus times of unrest between countries where music can no longer find its way across borders.

“The festival brought tears of joy and immense presence of gratitude and solemn connection to the masterful music that carried people to new havens in every rendition. Contemporary classic music defied the norms in tumulus times and broke through directly to the soul, bridging a connection between continents, countries, and cultures in a wonderful display of high-caliber artistry.”

Alexander Matusevich, music critic

“Lyrica Classic’s “Spread New Music to the World” project offers the public the opportunity to reflect on the need to project empathy and promote dialogue between nations in a nonjudgmental way. By doing so, these concerts are sowing seeds today that will grow into mutual understanding tomorrow.”

Emmanuel M Dubois, composer

“I would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to Lyrica Classic Entertainment for the extraordinary productions of several concerts with new music by American composers in Russia. From the composer’s perspective, I can attest that the presentations of my works in those concerts were among the best I have ever had.”

Dr. Eli Tamar, composer




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Sergei Prokofiev was easily one the most influential composers of the 20th century. His compositions have been played in the United States more than the works of any other composer from the past one hundred years, save Richard Strauss. However, his works were often constrained by external political circumstances. While before and after WWII, Prokofiev found his output restricted by the Zhdanov doctrine, the years of 1939 through 1945 allowed him to compose uninhibited by the aesthetic doctrines of the Soviet government. His experiments with formalism and atonality during these years would prove influential on subsequent generations of composers, both Russian and American. Interested in learning more about how Russian and American music during WWII influenced the world?

Lyrica Classic management struck me by their enthusiasm and dedication. The hallmarks of their projects has been consistency in artistry, planning, reliability and timeliness!”

Emmanuel M Dubois, composer