With Lyrica Classic David will perform vocal sacral works by Emmanuel Dubois at the virtual concert “Organ Apotheosis” in March 2021.


Born in Sarreguemines, David Lauer studied organ in Metz Conservatoire de Musique at age 14. In 2001, he won the first prize in Lorraine’s International Organ Competition under Marie-Claire Alain’s direction. David improved his music skills in Paris’s CRR, studying choir conducting and singing as a tenor. As an organist, he played many great Parisians organs such as St Eustache’s, Trinités, St Augustin’s, Notre-Dame de Fatima’s, and Notre-Dame de Passy’s.

His recent move in the South West of France allowed him to play Condom’s cathedral beautiful organ. David’s recent performances included a duo with saxophonist Fabien Chouraki for a re-writing of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in blue and a New Orleans’s Jazz duo with trumpet player Gérard Sifert. Forthcoming performances include a duet with Columbian horn player Esteban.

In solo, passionate about french 19 and 20's century composers, David loves to play works of Vidor, Alain, Vierne, or Messiaen. For the past three years, he wrote and played numerous transpositions of famous opera works overtures. He gave concerts devoted to the stars with various works such as Strauss’s Zarathustra, Holst’s Planets William’s Star Wars

Фестиваль "Приглушённые голоса"

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