Who are our supporters?

01. Local Business

It's great for local businesses who want visibility at an event expected to draw attendance and creating great visibility for their brands.

06. Corporations

For big companies that wish to be featured prominently on all productions’ signage, promotions, websites, social media posts, emails, apparel, and merchandise before and during the event. 

05. Volunteers

It's a great way to support an art and community. We are looking for people to create together!

02. Individuals

People who love to support the art and community and make some tax-deductions.

03. Foundations

This package is perfect for Foundations who are serious about supporting an important mission that makes impact on society!

04. Partners

Our partners collaborate with us at specific music projects. Their brand's name and logo will be featured on Lyrica Classic website and other promotional materials.


Request our Sponsorship or Partnership Proposal

You can support a specific project or be our missionary donor.

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