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Muffled Voices Festival Introduces American Women Composers to Russia

In a groundbreaking celebration of women's contributions to classical music, the "Muffled Voices" Festival proudly announces the Russian premieres of three American operas by esteemed composers Missy Mazzoli, Amy Beach, and Anne LeBaron. This initiative, led by the nonprofit American organization Lyrica Classic Entertainment under the artistic direction of Yulia Petrachuk and supported by the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, marks a significant step in honoring the talent and innovation of women in the field of music composition.

Missy Mazzoli's opera "Proving Up," with a libretto by Royce Vavrek, Amy Mercy Beach's "Cabildo," featuring a libretto by Nan Bagby Stephens, and Anne LeBaron's "Blue Calls Set You Free," with a libretto by Thulani Davis, will be among the ten chamber operas presented in various Russian cities from February to August 2024 with live broadcasts. These operas represent a diverse array of musical styles and themes, reflecting the unique voices and perspectives of their creators.

For centuries, the profession of composing music has been dominated by men. However, the situation is gradually changing, and more women composers are emerging on the music scene. These women are creating interesting and unique music by combining various elements, and their work has earned them numerous prestigious awards. Today, some of these women are known for collaborating with the film industry, and their music is popular on various streaming platforms.


The festival not only pays tribute to the exceptional Russian composer Tatiana Chudova but also showcases the talents of female composers from the United States and Russia. The festival's inaugural season promises an immersive experience for audiences, with opera premieres by seven outstanding women composers.


The festival's lineup includes additional works by Russian composers, such as Tatiana Chudova's "Russian Women," "Tatiana's Dream," "The Head of Professor Dowell," and "Von Meck-Tchaikovsky," Alina Nebykova's "Zhdana," Anna Kuzmina's "Dreams and Not Dreams," and Alina Podzorova's "Periodic Table."


With performances by splendid soloists from the global music scene and stage interpretations by renowned stage-directors Elizaveta Korneeva (Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theater, Mariinsky Theater, State Theater of Hannover and Grand Theater of Geneva) and Marc Verzatt (Cincinnati Opera and the Lyric Opera of Chicago), each production promises to be a uniquely creative event.


The festival will open on February 7, 2024, in the Moscow International House of Music, featuring the opera “Cabildo” by Amy Beach, performed by artists from the most prestigious institutions, such as the Bolshoi Theater and Metropolitan Opera.


"Muffled Voices" not only celebrates the artistic achievements of women composers but also raises crucial questions about their historical and contemporary roles in the music industry. Yulia Petrachuk, the festival's producer, emphasizes the festival's significance: "Muffled Voices is a unique bridge between the past and the future, highlighting that talent transcends gender boundaries."


Join us for this musical journey where the voices of women composers resonate with power and distinction. "Muffled Voices" is more than just a festival; it's a statement celebrating the enduring impact of women in the world of classical music.


Lyrica Classic, based in Maryland, is committed to discovering and presenting lesser-known compositions on prestigious world stages, with past productions featured at venues like Carnegie Hall, the Musikverein in Graz, and the Moscow International House of Music.

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